Granada tapas and drink

  • Granada tapas and drink

Apart from the beautiful Alhambra palace which overlooks the city theses are 8 of my favourite choices to get your Granada tapas and drink.

Top 8 Tapas Bars

  • 1. Bar Poe – Amazing tapas in this small bar off of a small menu.
    2. Lemon Rock – Quite a new bar and hostel, once again amazing tapas and a great vibe.
    3. Restaurante Bar Oliver – Very popular with the locals very good seafood tapas.
    4. Cunini – Close to Bar Oliver and once again great seafood tapas.
    5. Freiduria Mar de Alboran – Hidden gem, once again seafood tapas with fresh seafood counter at the entrance.
    6.Taberna El Aviso – If you can’t get into the first Los Diamantes on Calle Navas carry on down and this small but great tapas bar is on your left.
    7.Los Diamantes & Los Diamantes 2 – Great seafood tapas, but get there early as they fill up fast.
    8. Noray – Good tapas, but a bit hit and miss on service.
    So hopefully these suggestions will give you a great starting point for your Granada tapas and drink adventures.For no Obligation Travel Agency Promotion Ideas and Design Services visit:
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